About Us


We are Shane & Shauni and our darling 4 free range kids- Tayzin, Kelti, Sloan, & Lynk. Shane has been a “cowboy” his entire life. Riding bulls was what he wanted to do for life, but ultimately had to walk away from it after many injuries. I am Shauni and the face behind the business end of things. I am an entrepreneur at heart starting my first legit business at 9 years old. I enjoy building furniture, being outdoors, and spending time with my family. 

Neither of us grew up on a ranch, but I knew quickly after getting married that we would be doing this for life. Right away we set huge goals for our little family of one day owning our own ranch and raising our own cattle.

Many years of running other people’s ranches and cattle and thousands of lessons later here we are.
We are currently running our cows in Northern Utah and are just expanding into Idaho. We run commercial black angus mother cows and breed to what we believe to be the best registered black angus genetic bulls around us. We pride ourselves in raising natural, hormone and antibiotic free, high quality pastured meat with our cattle never entering into a feed lot.

We are so fortunate to be able to work alongside each other as a family each day. We work hard but we know how to play just as hard. We’ve been putting in so much work to make our beef program work for you. We feel honored to be the family that feeds yours. 💗