Ranchers Choice Box

Ranchers Choice Box

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You asked and we listened! So many of our amazing customers are wanting to get our quality beef, but don’t have the freezer space for buying a whole share. We created the Ranchers Choice box just for you! Packed full of our No hormones, No steroids, All natural Utah raised Black Angus Beef. We pride ourselves in raising grass-fed, grass-finished beef. We want you to have access to the healthiest beef we can produce without sacrificing any taste.

Total Take Home Weight: about 10 lbs

Total Price = Full balance

The week before your order is ready we will email you with your pick up date/time. Pick up will be in Ogden, Utah early February.

What’s Included in Your Ranchers Choice Beef Box:

This box is packed full of goodies that will change slightly with every box!

Beef Box includes: 

5 lbs ground beef 

1 Beef Roast (Sirloin, Round, or Chuck)

2 Steaks (T-Bone, New York, Top Sirloin, Skirt Steak etc) 

Price Includes: Butcher Fees, Dry Aging, Processing & Custom Butchering in USDA inspected facility

Free Pickup If you are located outside of Utah, additional shipping charges will apply, please inquire by sending us an email.